Authentic Pre Owned Prada Handbags – Luxury on a Budget

If you can find authentic pre owned Prada handbags, you can easily keep up to speed with the latest fashion on a budget. In this post, I’ll tell you how and where to find authentic pre owned Prada handbags. But first, I want to give you a little history on Prada.

Who is Prada?

Prada began in Italy in 1913 as a storefront that sold leather travel accessories, trunks, and bags. The Italian aristocracy took on Prada as their official supplier soon after, which is why the current product logo contains an abstract coat of arms.

Prada Expands in the 1970s

The House of Prada was expanded in the 70s with items like shoes, and new brick and mortar stores were opened throughout the world. Materials like leather were now sourced locally, and the quality of the final product experienced a big blow up.

By the late 80s, the luxury brand we’ve come to love was born.

Authentic Pre Owned Prada Handbags Takes The Weight off Your Wallet

Owning authentic pre owned Prada handbags makes living in luxury easier because a substantial amount of pressure is lifted off of your wallet. Finding reputable sellers with pre owned luxury handbags can be a challenge though.

What Should You Look for When Buying Authentic Pre Owned Prada Handbags?

  • Scrutinize the Logo
  • Check the Leather
  • About the City Calf Saffiano Large Cahier Bag White Black

There are lots of great Prada bags. But we’ll review a great choice so you can get the hang of what to look for.

Scrutinize the Logo on Pre Owned Prada Handbags

All trustworthy pre owned Prada handbag sellers will let you inspect the logo’s details. In addition, reputable online retailers will also take a high-resolution photo of the logo so that you can really zoom in and look at it.

Look at the R in the word Prada. Instead of one of the legs of the R going straight down, it angles and creates a gap between the R and the A. This is just a slight shift in logo design, but most counterfeiters don’t realize this slight deviation from the traditional font. There is also a gap between the bubbly part of the R and the leg of the R.

Don’t just check the main logo on the bag. Look at all the printed logos and other engraved logos on the bag to make sure they fit the above criteria. Things like metal feet and zippers will also have a logo.

Check The Leather

Prada is known for its luxurious leather. So every authentic pre owned Prada handbag should be constructed from very specific materials – like the saffiano leather used with the City Calf Saffiano Large Cahier Bag White Black.

This stylish shoulder bag is crafted of calfskin leather in white.

The City Calf Saffiano bag features black textured leather on the top, an adjustable black leather shoulder strap and brass hardware, including corner plates with a closure. The top opens to a black leather interior with patch pockets.

It’ll still feel luxurious to the touch, and the cross-hatched pattern will be subtle and consistent on every surface. If the bag is missing these characteristics, pass on it.

Great for Everyday Use

Saffiano leather is intended for everyday use, so this bag makes a great travel accessory for day-to-day items. The gold accents style up the durable leather so that the daily grind can look great.

Goes with All Your Wardrobe

There aren’t many extras on this bag, which makes it a more timeless choice because it won’t mismatch fashion trends as your wardrobe rotates. And because of its streamlined and unembellished appearance, this Prada bag looks great for an evening out, as well as a run to the grocery store.

This authentic pre owned Prada handbag is a great choice for people who want luxury without being a billboard. The only truly visible Prada logo exists on the outside of the bag.

Ready to Plunge into the World of Authentic Pre Owned Prada Handbags?

Remember that shopping pre owned not only saves you a buck, it’s also a sustainable choice. Keeping a perfectly good handbag out of the landfill is one of the most socially empowering things you can do.

It’s also quite fashionable to do so!

Purchasing from a reputable seller (like Fashionphile) takes out most of the worry when picking out an authentic pre owned handbag. Make sure you’re getting a quality investment piece like the City Calf Saffiano Large Cahier Bag White Black before taking the plunge.

Did you find this post helpful?  Do you know what to look for before buying pre owned designer handbags? If not, read my post, “Authentic Pre Owned Designer Handbags – How to Avoid Buying a Knockoff”.

Please leave your comments below. I love hearing from my readers.

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  1. Leahrae

    Ooooh, I love the bag. I hadn’t seriously thought about buying one that is used. But who would know right? Definitely something I want to check in. I will click on the link for used bags and see how much I can save! Thank You Shalisha!

    1. Hi Leahrae. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I too thought I would never buy anything “used”. BUT, when I took a look at these used designer handbags and what mint condition they’re in, I couldn’t resist. These bags are really in excellent condition. They’re also 100% guaranteed authentic, or your money back. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Please stop by again.

  2. Hey there. I think that Prada is great mark, combining elegance with simplicity. Thanks for sharing a bit of the history behind the Prada mark. Funny that at first they didn’t want to have woman in the charge, only we find out years later, that the majority of biggest positions were filled by women. Great post. One question though. Is there an option to check how long was the back “owned” by previous owner? Maybe stupid one, just curious

    1. Hi Julius. Thanks for your comment and what a great question. Before you purchase the bag, there’s a chat feature. I sell on behalf of Fashionphile and Dallas Designer Handbags as an affiliate. So when you click the link on my site, it takes you to either of those sites. Each site has a chat feature where you can ask that question. In addition, they show excellent pictures of the bag, inside and out. But I would definitely utilize the chat button to ask any questions you may have about the particular bag you’re about to buy. Do stop by again.

  3. Hi Shalisha and thank you for the information above. It is a great relief not just for the wallet in purchasing pre owned Prada handbags (and any luxury item for this matter) but also a relief for the planet. It is great to see that less animals have to die for each of us to look fashionable and with our dollars in the pocket. Great article and great idea worth spreading around.


    1. Hi Tatiana. Thanks for your post. Yes, by buying pre owned, we are making great contributions to the planet, savings in our wallets, and looking fantastic at the same time.

  4. Ann

    Hello! I am excited! I have always dreamed about owning a Prada handbag. And being able to get them this way is awesome. I may even get two or three like this. Thank you very much for sharing this information. I have always been on a budget. But I am glad that that will not stop me from wearing Prada.

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi Ann. Amen! Now that you have the option to buy pre-owned designer bags and look like a million bucks while sticking to your budget, why not? I’m so glad you found my post helpful. 

  5. Johnny

    Hello.  Thank you for this post.  It’s really useful to help find authentic products and not fall into a scam.
    I also like the sustainability part of buying pre-owned clothes. You definitely can find a lot of really good pre-owned handbags, pants, shoes and more, that are still in good shape and even save a few dollars by doing so. It is really satisfying when you find an excellent product at a great price 🙂

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi Johnny. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I find that buying pre-owned luxury products is a literal steal. These products are in excellent condition, so they look brand new. Also, the products I promote come from Fashionphile and Dallas Designer Handbags – which guarantee authenticity, or you get 100% money back so long as you don’t snip the tags off of the items. So you really can’t lose.  

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