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Spring is right around the corner, and there’s no better time than now to review the most popular designer handbags for women. As fashion enthusiasts, we may be familiar with some well-known purses that will forever be iconic. But what are some of the latest and greatest designer purses? Let’s check our some of the best designer handbags for women.

The ‘Forever’ Purses

We can all agree that Hermes, Chanel, Prada and Gucci are some of the most sought-after designers in the fashion world. So, it probably won’t come as a surprise when the GG Supreme and Chanel’s Caviar Quilted Small Double Flap make it on the most popular handbags list year after year. But there is a reason why these purses are some of the most desired. It’s because they withstand the test of time.

the Most Popular Designer Handbags for Women

For example, the classic “Lady Dior” bag, named after the late Princess Diana of Wales, is ageless, luxurious and versatile. It makes it the ideal purse for the office or going out at night. These ‘Forever’ purses are must-haves for avid, high-fashion handbag collectors.

the Most Popular Designer Handbags for Women

Newer Bags on the Scene

It’s true. Classic purses are a gal’s best friend. But we shouldn’t underestimate some of the newer bags in the fashion world. While memorable purses are unquestionably very desirable, some more contemporary collections, such as Balenciaga’s Calf Skin Logo Print XXS purse, or the Bottega Veneta oversized clutch, are just as progressively fabulous.

the Most Popular Designer Handbags for Women

However, a good quality bag can last forever, regardless of whether it is vintage or new. This is why purses are not just fun and functional accessories, but they can also be an excellent investment when appropriately chosen.

Why We Love FENDI

The House of FENDI, established in Rome in 1925, is loved by fashion aficionados everywhere. But what truly makes this design house the crème de la crème is its iconic use of Roman leather.

Arguably one of the best leathers in Europe, Roman leather is soft to the touch and exquisite to the eyes, making FENDI handbags timeless and symbolic. Each newer generation of FENDI designers brought long-lasting creations, making this design house one of the most popular in the fashion world.

The FENDI Petite 3Jours Studded Leather Tote Bag

best designer handbags for women

Now that we know why women love classic and newer design purses, let’s look at FENDI’s Petite 3Jours Studded Leather Tote Bag. This purse—in signature blue—is a perfect case of old-meets-new with a traditional tote design mixed with a cutting-edge, sharp, modern twist.

Worn over the shoulder or as a crossbody, this purse is a very roomy purse measuring 9” wide, 4” deep and 7.5” in height. It can easily hold a wallet, mobile phone and several other personal belongings.

It is a bigger and better version of its predecessor design, the FENDI 2Jours. And the studded edge adds a little pizazz for those wanting to seamlessly transition from daywear to casual eveningwear.

Should I or Should I Not?

For 90 years, the world has seen the evolution of FENDI handbags. Each design is unique and valuable, making them the perfect purse splurge. This is why the Petite 3Jours Studded Leather Tote Bag is the purchase that keeps on giving.

Not only is its traditional appearance high in quality, but this purse is practical and beautiful to look at. Fans love FENDI because their handbags are long-lasting, innovative and very detailed. There is a design for everyone.

If you’re looking for a purse that is a perfect balance of classic House of FENDI with just the right amount of modern chic, then the Petite 3Jours Studded Leather Tote Bag is a must-have.

Did my post answer your question, “What the Most Popular Designer Handbags for Women?”  I hope so. If Fendi is not your bag, maybe Prada?  Read my post on, “Authentic Pre Owned Prada Handbags – Luxury on a Budget”.


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  1. John

    I enjoyed reading your article. The evolution of Fendi handbags for the past 90 years is amazing to compare. Each design was unique and valuable, making the perfect purse splurging. Their handbags are long-lasting, innovative, and very detailed, making them the perfect designer purse. My female friends will love the Fendi because their handbags are long lasting and very detailed. If I could pick a designer bag, I would enjoy the classic “Lady Dior” bag, named after the late Princess Diana of Wales. I’d buy it to give to my wife for her birthday. Thank you

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi John. Thanks for your comment. Yes, Fendi has a very long history of evolution. Fendi is a staple in the designer bag industry. I totally agree with you on the Lady Dior bag. If I were you, I’d buy your wife the Lady Dior bag over Fendi.  It’s a bigger investment, but totally worth it. 

  2. Richard

    I love the look of the Fendi bags – great style and look very useful as well.  Seems like they last a long time and are great quality?  I think I must be more of a traditional look handbag person – not sure about the Bottegga clutch purse for me,  Do you have a personal favourite here? 

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi Richard. Fendi is a very smart, sophisticated look and is extremely functional. They do last a long time with proper care. Their upkeep is minimal. My personal favorite is Chanel Caviar Quilted Double Flap bag. 

  3. George

    I found this article to be very helpful, especially since I don’t know much about handbags but will be buying one for a gift.  While the more traditional ones are very nice, they’re also very expensive.  Though more contemporary brands can still be pricey, in my opinion.

    I think that overall the Fendi is my preferred option so far.  The price is certainly very reasonable, and the bag looks elegant.  Do you know of any similar ones?  I’m pretty sure I would end up going with the Fendi, but I would like to compare with some other ones in this price range to be sure.

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi George. I’m so glad you’ll be buying this as a gift for a loved one. Fendi is an interesting choice.  Yes, the price is reasonable, and the bag is in excellent condition. I am totally obsessed with Chanel bags. Those are my go to designer handbags. Chanel tote bag has all kinds of crossbody and tote bags.  Take a look at one of them here.

  4. Grace

    Hi Shalisha, all the bags look beautiful and unique, which is why they stand the test of time. I am on the newer side of the taste and quite impressed with the interesting design of the Bottega Veneta oversized clutch. It might look simple at first but its minimalism makes it really versatile and can go with many different styles and outfits.

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi there! Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I’m loving the oversized clutch too!  The design is perfect for any outfit. And the fact that it’s pre-owned and in mint condition makes it more attractive.  Please stop by again. 

  5. Hi Shalisha,
    I didn’t realize I was going to learn about purses when I started present shopping for my wife.

    I have never heard of Fendi before. Wish I had. The purses look great and the idea of them long lasting is even better because my wife seems to be pretty rough with them.

    Thanks again for helping with my search ?

    1. Hi Greg. So glad you’re shopping for a gift for your wife. I laughed out loud when I read that you said she’s a bit rough when it comes to purses. Perhaps a designer backpack would be a better fit for her? I’m thinking of the BURBERRY Nylon Medium Rucksack Backpack in Black. This backpack is crafted of nylon canvas in black and tan calfskin trim. The bag features adjustable shoulder straps, a front pocket, two side pockets, and polished gold hardware. The top flap opens to a spacious black fabric interior with a patch pocket.

  6. Shalisha, thank you for this roundup of beautiful designer handbags!

    Personally, I love the Petite 3Jours Studded Leather Tote Bag by Fendi, because it reflects my aesthetic taste a lot, I’m a big fan of capacious bags because I carry anything with me!
    I really like this combination of sober shapes with their signature blue and colored blocks that give that touch of youth and informality that breaks classicism.
    Really awesome!
    I follow you with pleasure!

    1. Hi there. Thanks for commenting and giving me your take on the Petite 3Jours Studded Leather Tote Bag by Fendi. I think that’s a very interesting bag too. My personal favorite is the Chanel Caviar Quilted double flap bag. It was hard deciding which bags to include in the article as there are so many great bags. Have you seen the designer backpacks on my site yet? They are absolutely stunning.

  7. LineCowley

    Hi there, having a designer handbag is a luxury for many women, but also a good investment. If one can get a “pre-loved” bag at a more affordable price, then that is a great idea. Personally I love Gucci bags and due to the generosity of my mother-in-law, have received several Gucci bags from her over the years. 

    Fendi and Prada are both fantastic brands with beautiful designs as well. It is hard to walk past a well-made designer handbag. Thanks for sharing. 

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi Miriam. Thanks so much for your comment. I totally agree. Having a designer handbag is a great investment. And having a pre owned designer handbag, in mint condition, is even better. I love looking fashionable on a budget.  While Gucci has really nice bags, I’m totally obsessed with Chanel handbags – especially the Caviar quilted double flap handbags.  So glad you enjoyed my article. Please stop by again.  

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