Pre Owned Louis Vuitton Handbag – Stay Fashionable on a Budget

The best way to stay fashionable on a budget is by purchasing an item like a pre owned Louis Vuitton handbag to accentuate your wardrobe.

For decades, Louis Vuitton has been providing luxury handbags. Starting over a century and a half ago, the Louis Vuitton brand is now the second oldest continual line of fashionable products in existence.

A Little Bit of Louis Vuitton History

Louis Vuitton himself started creating luxury trunks in the 1800s. Once Louis Vuitton established his workshop, he began using canvas because it is more durable and water-resistant than leather. This theme is still seen in the evolving Louis Vuitton line today.

Before Buying a Pre Owned Handbag

Before diving into my thoughts on buying a pre owned Louis Vuitton handbag, I want to break this post up into 4 parts:

  • Why Buy Pre Owned?
  • How to Pick Out a Used Handbag
  • About the Damier Azur Siracusa GM Bag
  • Our Review of this Pre Owned Louis Vuitton Handbag

Why Buy Pre Owned?

Since companies like Louis Vuitton never have sales, considering a pre owned handbag is a way to get around this price barrier. Not only will you get fashion at a discount, but you’re also keeping that bag out of a landfill – which makes your purchase a sustainable one.

The used clothing and accessories industry is experiencing exponential growth and is projected to quadruple over the next decade. Owning a pre owned bag is becoming mainstream, which means you’re fashionable in thought as well as style.

How to Pick Out a Used Handbag

You’ll be able to pick out the best pre owned Louis Vuitton handbag by knowing a few tips and tricks.

Make sure that you thoroughly research the bag by looking at the brand new product and other used bags. If the price is exceptionally low, there’s probably something wrong with the bag.

Look for a seller with an honest grading system that has lots of pictures.

Analyze the metal and the corners of the bag. These are the most likely spots to show wear. Make sure you’re ok with the condition of the straps by checking for discoloration or fraying.

Finally, analyze the inside of the bag to make sure it’s clean enough for you. Almost all reputable sellers will take the time to photograph imperfections so you’re making an informed decision.

About The Damier Azur Siracusa GM Bag

There are 2 main types of canvas you’ll encounter while shopping for a fun, yet functional, daily pre owned Louis Vuitton handbag: Damier Azur and Damier Ebene.

Our featured handbag is Damier Azur, which consists of a checkered white overlay on a blue base color. Most people that fall in love with this bag like that the Louis Vuitton logo is small and buried in the checkered pattern.

This bag is less of a brand statement and more about its functionality.  

The word “damier” means checkerboard in French, which also demonstrates the creator’s desire to make a wearable everyday piece for women on the go. It’s the perfect size to use as a large personal item carry-on while traveling.

It’ll also swallow the day-to-day necessities every woman likes to stash in her purse.


Length: 16.5 in
Width: 5.5 in
Height: 11 in
Drop: 5.5 in
Drop: 17 in
Designer ID#: SP2141
Item #: 937663
Year: 2011



Vachetta Cowhide Leather Trim
Top Handles
Optional Shoulder Strap with Brass Hardware

The top zipper opens to an ivory fabric interior with patch pockets.

So where can you find this bag? You can buy it at Fashionphile.  Fashionphile is a reputable company specializing in pre owned, high-end luxury designer handbags and accessories. They’ve got stellar Google reviews.

Fashionphile offers a comprehensive and honest grading scale when compared to the detailed photos available. Fashionphile guarantees that this Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Siracusa GM Bag is 100% authentic, or your money back guaranteed.

My Parting Thoughts

The Damier Azur Siracusa GM Bag is a product borne from a history of innovation. We think this pre owned Louis Vuitton handbag is a great choice for kick-starting your used handbag collection.

The best advantage when purchasing a pre owned handbag is the style-up you can get for relatively cheap. You’re choosing an iconic bag that will hold its value and even increase over time, making your pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbag a great investment.

If you want to avoid being duped by fake claims of authentic handbags, hop on over and read my post, “Authentic Pre Owned Designer Handbags – How to Avoid Buying a Knock Off”.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful tips on how to pick out the best pre owned Louis Vuitton handbag .

    I am not a brand statement person, but will generally buy a bag that is elegant, functional and durable. By and large, designer bags fall in this category – but they are so expensive! However, to be objective, they have to be expensive because of quality and workmanship. So, you invariably cnnot buy too much of a variety of them.

    The pre-owned option is worth a thought especially if one finds a reputable seller and follows your other tips. I actually like the Damier Azur with its small logo embedded in the checkered patterning. Really nice!


    1. Hi Ceci. Thanks for your comment. You know what? I too was never big on designer handbags, designer this, designer that… but that was because I couldn’t really afford it. But since discovering this alternative, I’ve totally gotten into these designer bags! And now that I know what to look for when buying pre owned designer bags, I’m sold on the concept. Have a good day.

  2. Loving this article! Handbags are my kind of thing and a good, affordable designer handbag is every woman’s must have. I love Louis Vuitton handbags. But I confess that they are a bit too pricey for me at the moment. That’s why I find the idea of pre-owned handbags interesting. I’ll definitely checkout fashionphile – I hope they ship to the UK.

    Thank you

    1. Hi there. Thanks for your comment. Fashionphile is one of the top second-hand designer marketer out there. They stand by their products and guaranteed authenticity or 100% money-back guarantee. This company is one I trust. They do ship to the UK, but you have to read their terms and conditions on the bottom of their website as they have different applicable rules. I’m so glad you like these bags. Please stop by again.

  3. What an idea!

    A more affordable and foolproof way to buy high-end bags. I like well-made bags from reputable companies like Louis Vuitton because most often than not, you’re sure of getting a gorgeous bag that’ll last you for years. You won’t have to worry about buying another bag in months, but the thing is, they are usually expensive…

    But thanks to reviews like yours and reputable retailers like Fashionphile, you do not only avoid getting a fake, but also end up with a really good bag while being sustainable.

    And thanks for the handy tips too.


    1. Hi there Femi. Thanks for your comment. Yes! Buying pre-owned designer handbags is a foolproof way to be fashionable on a budget. You’re right – because Louis Vuitton makes high-quality bags, you won’t have to worry about buying another one for years. I’m glad my review has helped you to know what to look for when buying pre-owned luxury handbags.

  4. Sariyah

    Hey thanks for this post!

    I have been looking at designer bags or basically luxury items, wanting to purchase them however they are at the moment out of budget but I hadn’t thought about getting a pre owned one, that would be much better just give it a clean and all good to go!

    I better check out fashionpile seems like a great site!

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi Sariyah. I’m so glad you stopped by, and thanks for your comment. Yes, buying pre-owned is incredibly fulfilling, especially if you buy from a reputable source. Fashionphile ensures its products are 100% authentic. You can really get some steep discounts for the most beautiful bags. Yes, please do stop by again. And share this site with your friends.

  5. Kavinah

    What an interesting concept. Here’s another way to save money by buying an authentic product and not being tricked into buying expensive fakes. I like the breakdown you provided which helps with making the choices easier to select or avoid. Being able to transact online for these bags is a bonus as anyone can have access to savings offered from anywhere in the world.

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi Kavinah. I’m so happy my post has helped you avoid buying a knockoff. Yes, imagine being able to look like a million bucks at a fraction of the cost? I do the breakdown of the Louis Vuitton bag so that you can see the features and understand the benefits. I’m so happy you stopped by. Please come by again.

  6. Ingrid Robins

    The Louis Vuitton handbag looks like new and I would really like it. You have pointed out lots of issues where the Louis Vuitton handbag could show wear and tear. It is a great help knowing all those points when buying a pre-loved handbag.  

    I like all the features the Louis Vuitton handbag has I travel a lot and would be very happy to own this handbag.

    I also like the other handbags you are showing on your site I am sure someone will love to own one of those as well.

    I learned a lot about buying a pre-loved handbag


    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi Elke. So nice to meet you virtually. I’m ecstatic you like my site and that you find it very helpful. The Louis Vuitton bag is in excellent condition. The bags are rated as being in good, decent, mint, or excellent condition. I love Fashionphile.  Did you know that Louis Vuitton has pre-owned designer professional totes and bags? I hope to see you again.

  7. Stephanie

    Not only am I getting an alternative option for purchasing a designer bag, but I’m also learning a little bit of Louis Vuitton himself, which is incredible. Often times, we mainly focus on the art but won’t give the artist enough and deserved credit for what they create and envision. I haven’t had the opportunity to own any Louis Vuitton item, but I’ll be looking into the information that was here provided. 

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi Stephanie. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m so glad my post has inspired you to take the plunge and buy a pre-owned luxury designer handbag. Owning pre-owned luxury bags is a game-changer. Yes, I thought writing a little history of Louis Vuitton would be interesting. It’s nice to know the history behind something I buy. I hope you’ll come by again and tell all your friends. See you soon!

  8. kiersti

    I really like this article. I love purses and fashion however they were always to expensive to buy. Now after reading I have found that going preowned is the way to go. That is because they are cheaper but look so unique and expensive. Thanks for sharing this very beautiful article. I will be sharing with others that is for sure. 

    1. Shalisha Alston

      Hi Kiersti. Thanks for your comment and feedback. Yes, luxury designer handbags are super expensive. So the best way to go is by buying pre owned or “pre-loved”. No one will know your secret – except me. Do stop by again. 

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